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ArtSocial 805 Home School Art Program 9/10/24

ArtSocial 805 Home School Art Program 9/10/24

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ArtSocial 805 offers a comprehensive, year-long art program tailored for home-schooled students. This curriculum is designed to nurture creativity, technical skills, and artistic expression, culminating in a student art show that showcases their progress and achievements over the year. The program emphasizes hands-on learning, individual exploration, and the development of a personal artistic style.

Monthly Curriculum Outline:

Month 1: Introduction to Art and Basic Drawing Techniques

  • Objective: Familiarize students with basic art concepts and materials.
  • Activities:
    • Introduction to different art materials (pencils, charcoal, erasers)
    • Basic drawing exercises (lines, shapes, shading)
    • Sketchbook assignment: Daily practice of drawing simple objects.

Month 2: Elements and Principles of Art

  • Objective: Understand the foundational elements and principles of art.
  • Activities:
    • Lessons on line, shape, form, color, value, space, and texture
    • Projects focusing on balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity
    • Sketchbook assignment: Create a page for each element and principle with examples.

Month 3: Color Theory and Mixing

  • Objective: Learn about color theory and how to mix colors.
  • Activities:
    • Introduction to the color wheel, primary, secondary, and tertiary colors
    • Mixing exercises with paints
    • Sketchbook assignment: Create a color wheel and color mixing charts.

Month 4: Still Life Drawing

  • Objective: Develop observational drawing skills.
  • Activities:
    • Setting up and drawing simple still life compositions
    • Focus on perspective, proportion, and shading
    • Sketchbook assignment: Draw a still life scene from home.

Month 5: Introduction to Painting

  • Objective: Explore basic painting techniques and mediums.
  • Activities:
    • Lessons on acrylic and watercolor painting
    • Practice different brush techniques and washes
    • Sketchbook assignment: Paint a small scene or abstract piece.

Month 6: Portrait Drawing

  • Objective: Learn the basics of drawing human faces and expressions.
  • Activities:
    • Study facial proportions and anatomy
    • Draw self-portraits and peer portraits
    • Sketchbook assignment: Practice different facial expressions.

Month 7: Landscape Art

  • Objective: Explore techniques for creating landscape art.
  • Activities:
    • Lessons on composition and perspective in landscapes
    • Painting and drawing outdoor scenes
    • Sketchbook assignment: Create a landscape drawing from a photo or real life.

Month 8: Mixed Media and Collage

  • Objective: Experiment with mixed media and collage art.
  • Activities:
    • Combine various materials (paper, fabric, found objects) to create art
    • Explore layering, texture, and composition in mixed media
    • Sketchbook assignment: Create a mini collage using different materials.

Month 9: Art History and Appreciation

  • Objective: Gain an understanding of art history and different art movements.
  • Activities:
    • Study major art periods and influential artists
    • Recreate a famous artwork or create a piece inspired by an art movement
    • Sketchbook assignment: Write a reflection on a favorite artist or artwork.

Month 10: Advanced Techniques and Personal Style

  • Objective: Develop advanced techniques and begin to identify personal artistic style.
  • Activities:
    • Explore advanced drawing and painting techniques
    • Encourage experimentation and personal expression
    • Sketchbook assignment: Create a series of pieces that reflect personal style.

Month 11: Preparation for Art Show

  • Objective: Prepare artworks for the end-of-year show.
  • Activities:
    • Select and refine pieces to be displayed
    • Learn about matting and framing artwork
    • Sketchbook assignment: Plan the layout and presentation of the art show.

Month 12: Art Show and Reflection

  • Objective: Showcase student work and reflect on progress.
  • Activities:
    • Set up and host the student art show
    • Reflect on the year's work and personal growth
    • Sketchbook assignment: Write a reflection on the art show experience and future artistic goals.

Throughout the year, students will maintain a sketchbook to document their progress, ideas, and practice. This sketchbook will serve as a visual journal and a testament to their development as young artists. The program will end with a celebratory art show, where students can proudly display their work and share their artistic journey with family and friends.

Just scan the QR code or drop in at to register classes.  Classes are $25 for a single class and $100 for a package of 5 classes. 

For more information please call Karyn at 805-400-9107

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