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World Art Workshop for Kids at ArtSocial 805 7/24

World Art Workshop for Kids at ArtSocial 805 7/24

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In this workshop your child will get the opportunity to visit many different countries across the globe, through the world of art.  Each Art Passport is $25 which can be purchased at or by scanning the QR code.  Happy travels!

 What to expect

Join the kiddos on an enchanting journey into the creative wonders of Japan in this art class. As they dive into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture, they'll explore traditional techniques such as origami, sumi-e ink painting, and the delicate art of kintsugi. Each child will have the opportunity to create their own masterpieces inspired by the serene landscapes, vibrant festivals, and timeless traditions of Japan. With every fold, brushstroke, and gold-filled crack, they'll not only craft beautiful art but also learn about the deep meanings and stories behind these ancient practices.
This class promises to be a magical blend of education and creativity, sparking a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and history of Japanese art. Great for ages 6-12

For more information please call Karyn at 805-400-9107

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